Smith Mountain lake - The Jewel of the East


Smith Mountain Lake, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of south central Virginia, was developed to provide electricity to the area and is a hydroelectric dam.  Two rivers, the Blackwater and the Roanoke, were damed to make the lake. Once completed and reaching its  water level in 1966, the lake became a recreation area for fishermen, then grew in popularity.  Retirees from the north began coming to the area because of the beauty, and of course the cost of living.  Just compare the cost of living even today to upstate New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Northern Virginia.  


The Lake encompasses 20,600 acres and has over 500 miles of shoreline.  The north shore of the lake is entirely in Bedford County and homeowners are able to rent their properties on a weekly basis, unless inhibited by deed restrictions.  The majority of the south shore is in Franklin County and a portion is in Pittsylvania County. For the most part, Franklin County only allows long term rentals (monthly or longer basis).While the area is referred to as Smith Mountain lake, there is no post office address for Smith Mountain Lake.


If you click on the Smith Mountain Lake Guide link located on the left hand side column, bottom left corner, there is a wealth of information about the area.  We have also included links to areas of interest, including the dam and a short video of Smith Mountain Lake and surrounding areas. Smith Mountain Lake



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